About MDS interior designers

MDS interior designers are committed to design excellence, efficiency, and sustainability. Assigned to the creation of custom interiors, the group prides itself on combining Exterior and interior design to find unique and aesthetically charming solutions. MDS interior designers complete projects tailored to the unique styles and requirements of its clients, on budget and on time. MDS interior designers are known for creating exceptional spaces that enhance the personal and business and careers of their clients and team. With over 15 years of experience and practice, the firm approaches projects from an architectural point of view and ends them with their trademark, soft contemporary style.

Harshavardhan Ratakonda (B.E,M.B.A)

Administrative Director
B.E from madras university, M.B.A from London university Following a successful 15 year career in interior designing.

Madhuri Ratakonda (B.E,Diploma in architecture and interior designing)
Creative Director
12 years of experience in Unique ideas in interior designing.

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